Application to adopt a puppy from Bear-Acres Kennel

This questionnaire is to help us ensure our puppies are going to the best and most appropriate home.  We have made great efforts with our puppies and need to be assured that they will continue to receive optimum care and tons of love.




HOME PHONE(S)__________________________________________________

WORK OR CELL PHONE(S)_________________________________________

BEST TIMES TO CONTACT YOU_____________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS__________________________________________________


YOUR PROFESSION(S)______________________________________________


Do you prefer a Male?      Female?            Either?

What color newfie do you prefer?     Black?         Brown?            Black & White?

Why do you want a Newfoundland?

Have you researched the Newfoundland breed and carefully considered compatibility with your lifestyle?

Please indicate your interests (circle all that apply)

Swimming/Water work             Obedience                To Breed           To Show

Guard Dog                                 Carting/Draft Work                 Therapy Work

Pet/Companion                           Other:

Have you ever owned a Newfoundland?  (Please explain)

Other dogs in the last 10 years?

Breed(s):                                                    Neut/Spay:

If you no longer have this pet please explain what happened:

Who lives in your household?



Are you planning a child or another dog in the next year?

Is everyone in your household agreeable to obtaining this puppy?

Is anyone in your household allergic to animals?

Who will be the primary caretaker of your Newfoundland?

Do you live in a house?   Apartment?       Condo?

Do you own or rent?

Do you have any plans to relocate?  When?                             Where?

Is your yard fenced?              Height?                             Type?

       Size of shaded area:                       

Where will your Newfoundland be during the day?

Where will your Newf be at night?

Do you plan to crate train?            Yes            No

Would you be willing to take your puppy to two or more series of  training and socialization courses?


What do you plan to feed your puppy?


Veterinarian Reference:


Phone Number______________________________________

What type of vehicle do you plan to transport your Newfoundland in?

How much do you plan to spend annually to feed, supplement, vaccinate, train, groom and provide Veterinary care for your Newfoundland?

How do you plan to exercise your puppy?

What are your feelings on spaying and neutering your dog?

List any medical problems you think Newfoundlands are prone to:

When you travel who will care for your dog?

What are your travel plans for the coming year?

Have you ever relinquished a dog to a shelter?

If yes, please explain:

Personal reference (not a relative)



Do you promise to love, cherish, care and keep from harm this puppy for its entire life?

This puppy will be returned to the breeder is for any reason you cannot keep it at any age.

Initial______________________          Initial________________________

I/We understand and believe that owning a Newfoundland is a commitment for the lifetime of the dog.  I/We certify by signature(s) below that the information give herein is true and accurate.



Thank you for your interest in a Bear-Acres Puppy!!!